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Fertility and pregnancy

Trying to conceive? Or already pregnant?

There is no doubt that trying to conceive can be both an exciting, and stressful time.  The relationship between stress and infertility is well researched. Luckily there is evidence that acupuncture is an effective treatment for the associated anxiety.

Fertility and Pregnancy

Amanda has been working with couples trying to conceive, and throughout pregnancy, for many years. Her experience in this area includes clinical experience and extensive postgraduate training in the areas of acupuncture and herbal treatment for fertility, PCO, PCOS, premature ovarian failure, IVF support, and obstetric acupuncture.

On returning to Melbourne from London in 2017 Amanda’s strong knowledge base in fertility and pregnancy acupuncture was recognised when she was asked to join the team at the renowned Fertile Ground Health Group. Amanda worked here until her own clinic became too busy. Her valuable time at Fertile Ground enabled her to gain a deeper understanding of working with Melbourne-based fertility consultants, clinics, and naturopaths.

Amanda is passionate about supporting couples in their fertility journey through the ups and downs of trying to conceive. She also loves working with pregnant ladies from conception to birth.