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Acupuncture needles are much smaller than a hypodermic syringe needle. Patients new to acupuncture are often a little relieved on seeing them.

When a needle is inserted, you may not actually feel it at all, but if you do feel it, the sensation is kind of weird. For a few seconds after insertion, you may feel a tingling, warm sensation, or even a dull ache. For most people, this sensation passes within seconds, and the rest of the session is relaxing.

I will normally leave the needles in for around 20 minutes. Some patients become so relaxed that they fall asleep during this time.

Your acupuncture session may also include other techniques:


I use the traditional ‘fire cupping’ method in cases where there is stiffness and pain, particularly in shoulders and backs. The technique can bring relief to areas it is applied to.

Massage (bodywork)

I am trained in Tuina Chinese Massage and I may use massage, acupressure, and stretching within your acupuncture session if appropriate to your issue.


Burning the herb ‘mugwort’ is a traditional Chinese Medicine technique and may be applicable if you are cold or have very low energy. I use stick, and on needle versions of moxibustion in cases where applicable.

Dietary and lifestyle advice

Within your acupuncture or herbal session I may also give you advice on food, exercise, and other techniques to enhance your treatment for best outcomes. Often this advice will be a combination of traditional Chinese Medicine advice with Western medical advice.

Paediatric Acupuncture

I did my postgraduate training in paediatric acupuncture in London under the well-known paediatric acupuncturist Julian Scott. I work with babies through to early teenagers, and my treatments can include needle insertion, acupressure, massage or moxibustion (or a combination of these) depending on the case.

Children generally have robust constitutions so needles are often inserted and taken out immediately and not retained for as long as they are in an adult.

Herbal medicine

I work with herbal medicine either within an acupuncture session where appropriate, or as a separate herbal appointment session (for those that do not wish to have acupuncture).

The herbal medicine that I prescribe is in a pill, capsule, tincture, or powdered blend, making them convenient and easy to take.

Herbal formulas prescribed by me are tailored to each patient’s issue and individual constitution. Herbal and acupuncture session prices are exclusive of the herbs. Your herbs are likely to cost between $11 and $18 per week.

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