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Tag: Upper Ferntree Gully

View of mountains from Olinda

Acupuncture for back pain and sciatica in Upwey

Back pain is an incredibly common issue. In Upwey, Ferntree Gully, Upper Ferntree Gully and the surrounding hilly suburbs, many of us live incredibly active lifestyles. This includes lots of gardening on slopes, working on a steep incline and walking up and down hills. All of this can take a

Blossom in spring

Acupuncture for Melbourne’s hayfever season

Mount Dandenong and its charming hilltop villages are full of an abundance of beautiful flowers, blossoming trees – and ryegrass right now. This (particularly the ryegrass) might be why more hayfever (or allergic rhinitis) patients have been coming to my Upwey Acupuncture clinic than my inner Melbourne clinic in the